From day one


I’ve always been a storyteller._mg_3213

As a kid I would make up newscasts on my boombox and pretend to host my own morning show. When my grandfather gave up his old video camera to my cousins and me, I would pretend to host my own talkshow and subject them to be interviewed.

If I wasn’t on stage at school or in local theater programs, I was learning how to hone my acting skills by taking film and improv classes.

I attended the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles, where I studied acting for TV and film. Upon completion I returned to Scottsdale and signed with The Agency Arizona where I worked as a professional commercial actress.

My love for sharing stories carried me through my education at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communications where I anchored evening newscasts and midday updates for Cronkite News airing on PBS 8.

I continued to gain experience in the field reporting on newsworthy stories, shooting footage, editing together news packages and writing print articles for the Cronkite News website.

Since graduating I have continued to explore storytelling as a freelance writer. Some of my work includes writing daily articles for an In front of Cameraonline publication, SmartFem, where I also host segments for SmartFem Television covering local events within the community.

I’m currently relocating to Los Angeles where I’m signed with Aperture Talent Agency for commercial, TV, and film work.

As I further my career, I do know no matter where I go there is one thing I will continue to do, and that’s telling stories.


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